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Old Skool Teambuilding




A challenging program in Sweden!


Are you looking for a teambuilding program?

Or... adventurous programs for groups?


Have new team members been added?

Or has the team been very busy lately.

Whatever the reason might be, you're searching for a place to get



What we provide is:

Constructive, Challenging & Competitive


What you’ll take home is:

Communication, Daring, Discovering, Trust


Together we’ll build a program that is suitable for your situation.

In between activities there is room for personal goals and / or goals for the group.

We also have a training area, so you can combine any training with an activity.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us for the possibilities :)





In our old skool we have capacity for 12 persons.

You will be staying in one of our fully equipped and comfortable apartments.

One 8 persons apartment.

One 4 persons apartment.



On our small campsite in fully equipped tents.

Devided with 4 persons in a tent with a max capacity of 28 persons.

You will be using our campsite facilities.

Completely Back 2 Basic 2.0



Make a choice from the activity(s) below, together we will build a program which is suitable for your wishes.



This term is used for living in and from nature.

We head into the forest for 1 night for THE real outdoor experience.


Canoeing on the Klarälven

Spread over the canoes you try to manage to come back to the starting point.


MTB tour - we have taken care of a nice trail.

Through the forest, a bit over the famous Klarälvsbanan (formerly the old railroad from Karlstad to Hagfors for the transport of steel for the steel industry) through Råda and finally along a small lake where you can take a swim.

You will receive a map. The challenge is : to read the map and work together ...


Viking Games

The Normans against the Vikings, the battle starts!

A challenging game played like the Normans and Vikings used to play it

back in the old days..


Walk with a guide

You will go to a beautiful piece of nature.

You will walk the Wilderness Tour under the guidance of a guide.

We will teach you the basic principles of survival - compass, making fire.

Lunch included .... Be surprised .... We are in a unique place, just the forest and us.


Spend the night in an old hunting lodge…

After a nice walk through the area you will sleep completely secluded in an old hunters' cabin.

Back 2 basic 2.0.


Robin Hood

Shooting a catapult, a gun and a crossbow, put your least favorite colleague/friend in front of the target and just shoot,

No, just kidding, a fun activity in which a bit of competition emerges.


Wooden hot tub

Time to recover from the activities, rest, drink, a good conversation,

chill mode “ON”



In a completely Swedish way you can choose a Fika thats kind of a Swedish High Tea.


Work shop Dance

With our old skool dancer you will study a dance, laugh and relax.


Hunting season

The hunting season is now opened!

Can you manage to stay out of the hands of your pursuers for 2 hours?

A super cool game which is a combination between the use of GPS and exercise!


Play this challenging cat and mouse game with colleagues, friends or family: how do you stay out of the hands of your pursuers? You get a 10-minute lead. Every 10 minutes your pursuers get the live position where you are at. You cannot hide in buildings, you cannot walk the same route twice.

Everything is gps tracked!


May the best team win ... Let the games begin!