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We rent out canoes, kayaks and fishboats

With us, you don’t have to book specific programs, you also can make your own unforgetable holiday yourself


We are renting out:

Canoes and Kayaks


Fully equiped tents (6-person)

Fully equiped caravans (4-person)


Bikes and Mountainbikes

And the smaller stuff`: small tents ( 2- or 3 person) sleeping mats / kitchen equipment/ burners with fuel etc.                                                                                                                                                                  Your wishes are our challenges…. Up to us, the best task to deliver you a great adventure….



Canoeing and kayaking

Canoeing and kayaking on the rivers Klarälven, Svartälven and in the outback of Northern Hagfors.


We offer you the opportunity to  make 1- or more day trips on the Klarälven river while using our excellent Canadian aluminium canoes from Linder.

(2, 3 or 4 person canoes) or our PE Discovery Old Town canoes (2 or 3 person).


We also have  1- person expedition sea kayaks from Prijon or/and the easy to handle 1- person expedition kayaks from Rainbow Oasis X-Large.

There is 1 double seater (2 person) available for a short 3 or 4 day trip.


Do you like to pick up the canoe / kayak yourself or should we bring you to one of our starting points, so you can park your car for free at our property? With our company you can have it both.


Tours on the Klarälvenriver don’t need landtransport


Our tours can take from 1 day up to 7 till 9 days, depending on your starting point.

During your tour on the Klarälven river there is no need for any land transports with the canoe/kayak, because there are no power plants or dams in the river, in the part between Sysslebäck and Edebäck.


Tours on the Svarälven river or tours north of Hagfors need landtransport.


We also offer tours and transports on the Svartälvenriver and tours North of Hagfors. This area includes parts of Värmland and Dalarna. This area is still untouched… Landtransport for this area is needed. We have sturdy trolleys from Linder which you can rent.


If you would like more information about one of our tours? Please ask!


Days1 day2 Days3 Days/weekend4 Days5 Days6 DaysOne weekDays > weekKajak300500700900105012001300150Inkas 5253506008001000115013001450200


Weekend = Friday after 15.00 and Sunday before 18.00 hours                                                                                                                    Watertight barrel

(60 Lt = 25 SEK per day per barrel)



We can take you to one of the starting points and you can leave you car for free at our property.


Transportcosts:BynFastnäsStölletAmbjörbyLikenäsBranäsSysslebäck  250450650750850900950


Startingpoint - in consultation


Northern Hagfors:

Startingpoint Geijersholm : 250 SEK


Included in the rent:

Canoe/Kayak, paddles, spray skirts, life jackets and sponges.


Rental terms:

You must be at least 18 years old to rent.

You must be able to swim at least 200 m.

Swim vests should be used

(included in the rent)

All paddling in a rented canoe/kayak is at your own risk.

You will let us know your planned route

and your tour members.

Kayaks and other rented gear shall be

returned clean.

If any rented equipment is damaged or

missing you are responsible for replacing


We advise our guests to arrange their own cancellation insurance.




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Canoe and Kayak

Rent of fishing boats

Countless lakes, beautiful panoramas. Stress and rod pressure is a concept, no matter what, but it doesn’t exist here…

The lakes often have a different character. This is due to the diversity in the environment. But ... they have one thing in common. Big pike, zander and many other fish species swim everywhere .... Even trout and salmon!


With our fully equipped fishing boats (including trailer) we’ll help you on your way to an unforgettable fishing holiday!


Experience it yourself, sailing and fishing in the overwhelming nature of Värmland and enjoy the peace and space besides fishing.

Cost of our 2 pers. polyester boat with 4 hp engine: 500 SEK per day - including a full tank of petrol.

Cost of our 4 pers. aluminum boat (fishfinder and depth gauge) with 25 hp engine: 750 SEK per day - including a full tank of petrol.





























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Fishing boats

We rent out completely equipped caravans

This is the Caravelair Antares 400 de Luxe.

Trainseat and a 2 –person bed

Great for a family, consisting of 4 persons.

A new tent in front of the caravan is available (Doréma)

Costs per day: 450 SEK


It is possible to rent an extra large (cotton) sleepingtent as well.



We’re renting out completely equipped

6-person cotton tunnel-tents.

There are 2 large sleeping compartments in the tent.

Normal matrasses are delivered.

Costs per day: 380 SEK


It is possible to rent an extra large (cotton) sleepingtent as well.


















Book your Caravan or tent!

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Caravan or Tent

Cottage Bondbua

At an awesome location in the middle of nowhere (about 10 km away from the main road) is situated cottage Bondbua.


In an area looking a bit like British Colombia / Canada. On top of the world…

Far from normal human life….


The cottage is part of a small community, which was used in former days. The cattle used to be brought up into the hills in summer. 2 Cottages have been saved….


There is no electricity or running water, but… there is a well and there are oillamps.

And an “ute”. This is an outside toilet.

In cottage Bondbua are 12 sleeping accomodations and in the other cottage 4.


“Deafmaking silence” … Really worth it!

And, with a little luck, you’ll meet the house-moose…..



Costs: 175 SEK per person per night.




























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Rent a raft with a tiny house:

Rent this beautiful raft with it’s cosy Tiny House.


The raft is motorized. A long rope and an anchor are on board of this awesome ship…so you can stay wherever you like…


Life jackets are included. You can cross over 2 lakes. You’ll get a map with the hot spots….


On the picknicktable, you can play games or eat something. Read a book or just sit and listen to the sound of silence…


You can make your own delicious dinner on the BBQ.


You even can spend the night on the raft. We have tents and the rest of the equipment. If you take care of your own sleeping bags, than you can spend the night under the twinkling stars.


It is allowed to fish, but you need license. We can take care of that!


A checklist will be send to you.


Price per day: 1500 SEK





















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Bike tours

We have prepared some several day trips for you…But if you want to make a longer trip, than that’s possible as well.


Tour 1

Discover the beautiful green hilly of the province of Värmland in Sweden and take some kind of a “city-trip”. The biketour starts at the our base in Edebäck. (you can stay the night over in our stuga, the night before the trip). You can park your car safely and for free at our property during your trip.


The cycle tour is winding along the Klarälvenriver towards the north. It takes you up to Sysslebäck over a grävel path, a quiet asphalt road and than to the south in the direction of Karlstad.


Between Uddeholm and Karlstad you cycle over the famous Klarälvsbanan.

This used to be an old railway. Back in the old days this railroad has been used for transportation of steel between Hagfors and Karlstad. Now it’s asphalted and a really nice cycle trip. You will be picked up in Karlstad


You cycle through the green heart of Värmland. This province is ideal for families with children, but also for other travelers whose speed doesn’t need to be so high….

This tour can also be divided in 2 or 3 parts, if you wish to do so


The beautiful landscape, the typical Swedish villages and the beautiful nature makes this bikeroute to an unique experience. Along the Klarälven there are plenty of accomodation options, ranging from simple wooden houses on the campsites to pensions and more luxurious hotels. You will receive a map where the different stays are located.  More information is on the map. You also can rent biketrailers, so you can bring your own tent and equipment with you. This brings the oppertunity to camp “into the wild”  and experience the Swedish wildlife… How awesome is that!


In the various villages you pass, there are supermarkets, medical stations, pharmacies, eateries and tourist offices to be found.

Tour 2

Bike tour Dalarna unexplored. The tour starts in Edebäck. (you can stay the night over in our stuga, the night before the trip).

You can park your car safely and for free at our property during your trip.


This tour takes you through Dalarna over gravel roads and takes you to Malung, Äppelbo, Vansbro and than through a detour, back towards Hagfors.


The tour shows you the beautiful unspoiled nature of Dalarna, the most beautiful campspots, the purest water… Where you’re able to spot a moose or hear the howling of a wolf….


You take a minimum of luggage in your trailer. Along the route, you’ll find many campspots, as well as lodges, cabins or campsites. They all are in the beautiful outback of Värmland/Dalarna. This trip makes your holiday to an unforgettable experience.  Here… timefactor is no longer important. You can experience the trip in your  “enjoy-mode”  for the fully 100%.


Renting bicycles

Bike (gazelle)

175 SEK per day  / 1225 SEK per week



200 SEK per day  / 1400 SEK per week


Childrens bike:

150 SEK per day / 1050 SEK per week



150 SEK per day  / 1050 SEK per week



50 SEK per day  / 350  SEK per week



Map, helmets, repair kit, pump.

For the longer trips, you’ll get bicycle bags as well.


Transportation costs:

5 SEK per km.

For example: transportation from Edebäck to Karlstad : 900 SEK total and from Edebäck to Sysslebäck : 950 SEK total.

(*We have to drive that distance retour….)




Book your bike here!

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Rent a bike / MTB: