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A busy bushcraft week!

Day 1

Today you will arrive at our base camp. Everything is back to basic here and you can already adjust a little of what lies ahead.

A skilled guide, who will support you on the trail, will check on your gear. He will tell you all about what to expect.

Your last served dinner is cooked on the wood stove and is a traditional Swedish dish. Enjoy it, tomorrow you will be on your own.


Day 2

In the morning we start with a course how to read a map and use a compass. It will be an exciting day, because all is new to you. Get ready to practice some bushcraft skills.

We will cross a river and looking for a suitable place to camp. Than start building your hide out. Beware not to fall a sleep besides the campfire!


Day 3

After breakfast we will break up camp and make sure you leave no trace.

Today we go deeper in the forest and look for some food. We also try to catch some fish.

At dusk we must have found some nice branches and start working on our wood carving.

At our new found campsite we practice on a different kind of shelter.


Day 4

Your compass directs to the lake. There is plenty of time to clean yourself and have a refreshing splash in the lake. We can afford some extra time on our new located campsite, because we will stay here for two days.

We make you familiar with some very handy knots and practice other bushcraft skills.


Day 5

After breakfast we try to catch some fish in the lake, we might be lucky today. We also scavenging for other foods. Today you have loads of time to work on your woodcarving skills.


Day 6

In the morning you can check your fish lines, so you might have little extra protein for the coming days. For the last time we practice the use of map and compass to make sure you fully understand it. Please pay attention, know your surroundings. Did you spot any wildlife? You recognize animal tracks?

When we stop at a suitable place to camp, we make a different shelter for the last time, so enjoy your last night.


Day 7

Exciting day! Today you will be on your own. First you will be well instructed by your guide. You have to navigate back to base camp. Along the way you will find some questions or practice learned skills.

Back at base camp you can trade your answers for your well deserved bushcraft diploma.


If you are interested you can join a tour at Lupusbase with the wolfdogs. You can also relax in your tent.


This evening we will celebrate with a good barbecue. You sleep one more night in a tent.


Day 8

It’s true, you have to go now. After breakfast we will bring you back to civilization.

It was a great journey, with tough days and loads of nice memories.







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